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HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE: A lesson in following life's opportunities by just going for it, with Eva Payne

May 29th, 2019

Life is so beautiful. So, how can we sit down, shut up, and appreciate it more? Eva Payne comes through with some hot tips this week in the most relatable episode yet.

Eva's message is so relatable to me because she says that you need to find 51% joy in a day. Even on my worst days, there are things that I can be thankful for and Eva reminds me that that is so dang true. Every hard moment is worth it, and it'll all work out.

Her acronyms: FLOW - Following Life's Opportunities Wholeheartedly and LOVE - Live Open Value Everything

At heart, Eva is a pioneer and teacher. She has spent 20 years cultivating leadership and self-advocacy skills in thousands of participants through a nonprofit she began while in college and has been recognized for this work through such awards as, Volvo For Life Finalist, L’Oreal Women of Worth, DirecTV Hometown Hero, and featured in Family Circle Magazine and on The Big Ten Network, And E!. She has her MS in Leadership and Management through the University of LaVerne and is Mother to six children, ages 7 (twins) through 18. ColorFlow LIFE was created with the goal of positively impacting individuals and communities through wholehearted living. Through years of experience and research, Eva has discovered a new personal development approach to life and when implemented, these tools can transform the way a person approaches the challenges they face in life. When we can recognize the things that hold them back from experiencing life fully, they can learn to reframe them and live in a state of happiness, success, and flow. You can find her at

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