Martha and Colby Grow Up

Meet my new co-host, COLBY!

August 7th, 2019

Please give a warm welcome to Colby for his first episode as a co-host! I'm so excited to have a co-host for this next chapter of the podcast. As a reminder, there will still be a couple more weeks of interviews, I just wanted to introduce Colby first before the show transitions into its new phase.

Colby and I met online in a Slack community for a podcast we both listen to. Listeners will remember that same podcast caused me to spontaneously book a ticket to Nashville and go to Con of Thrones.

I knew I liked Colby when I realized he was younger than me and even more enthusiastic about memes than I was. He's a podcast veteran of his own show, Never Made Varsity, so I also knew that he knew what he was doing (even though he might tell you differently).

I'm so excited to have Colby on my team going forward! It will be the same podcast, just a slightly different format. There is still a lot of shit you need to know in the world, and we will be making sure that we cover all of it to the best of our abilities.

If you have any suggestions on what we should talk about, feel free to let us know! As a reminder, there are still a couple of interviews left. You'll hear Colby again in September.

Find Colby here:

show website: OR
call/text me: (301) 941-7448

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Editing by Stephen Boyd