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LIFE WITH ANXIETY as a millennial: How it started, how it can be managed, and what life looks like now

May 1st, 2019

When I was 7 I remember a day when the sun was shining, I was reading a new book, and my dad was building a treehouse. But - I felt miserable. Nothing I did that day made me feel better. I didn't know why it was happening or what these emotions were. I got some new stationery after my mom took me to the dollar store that made me feel a little bit better, but the feeling didn't disappear until I went to bed that night.

Years later, I realized it was called ANXIETY. Anxiety is when you find it difficult to control your worrying about things. For me, it manifests when I'm going through a new life transformation (ie switching jobs, graduating college) and it feels like a dark cloud.

Through medication management, behavioral therapy, and meditation - I live a mostly anxiety free life. Unfortunately, it pops up now and again with stressful things like debt and relationships and my job. It's been bad recently, but I am taking the steps to manage it! I encourage you to find the help you need when you are ready. Some resources I like:

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