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About Martha and Colby Grow Up

Do you ever ask yourself, "How did I suddenly get real old?"

Yeah, us too. We know, we know - we aren't actually "old" but we've done a lot of growing up in the last few years. Millennials and Gen Z'ers are expected to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. We have to care about our friends, family, money, the environment, you name it. (#savethepolarbears)

To put it simply, we're overwhelmed. We're faced with tons of decisions every day, but we don't know which ones are the right ones.

If you're like us, Martha and Colby Grow Up is for you. We go in depth on important topics for millennials to know about like personal finance, real estate, and other #adulting topics. But, us 90s kids still like to party (on the weekend, but not past 11 pm). That's why we also talk about the fun parts of growing up, such as finding your love for Timothee Chalamet, getting a tattoo, and discovering Harry Styles' solo albums.

You're asking yourself "Why do I need to know about Timothee?!" Because you probably have questions on him, just like you have questions on the best way to budget or the best way to find a cheap plane ticket. I want you to have different opinions and insights into as many things as possible to help you stay informed and afloat in this world that's a little scary at times.

We're going to take a guess in that you have a goal you want to achieve but maybe you're feeling a little stuck on how to get there. It could be a simple goal, like pay off credit card debt or asking that hot guy out in your gym. Or, it could be a complicated goal like leaving the country and starting over in Bali. Either way, we can grow up, together.

You aren't alone fam!! You have us.
-Martha and Colby

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